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Watts stations have annual revenues under $150K. Some are all volunteer stations, while others have a professional staff. They may be full power or low power stations. They are great examples of organizations that do a lot with a little.

Watts Donors Amount
WERA-Radio Arlington120$7,457
KFCF-Music & News. Arts & Views43$6,197
103.3 AshevilleFM (WSFM-LP)34$4,729
KDAK - Dakota Media Access, Inc.29$1,478
KNSJ - Activist San Diego58$1,100
KHOI - Heart of Iowa Community Radio2$991
KSKQ Community Radio20$826
Riverwest Radio on WXRW-LP 104.1 Milwaukee12$324
KLOI-LP - Lopez Island Community Radio7$220
WEGV-LP - Ann Arbor Community Radio1$25