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WXPR Public Radio

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Thanks for supporting WXPR!
Community public radio stations like ours provide unique value to listeners because we serve as a voice for area towns and regions. Through our programming we have connected and built communities throughout the Northwoods and elsewhere.
WXPR is here because of you.  Your support of this community voice has enabled us to complete many important projects this year.  We welcomed our first broadcast intern, made improvements to our streaming services, added new programs like “Open Turntable”, promoted area events, and reconfigured work spaces to better serve you.
For the coming year, our goals include re-imagining our local news and features, continuing our internship program, replacing older computer systems, enhancing our podcast system and discovering new music sources and media storage to bring you the best programming possible.

WXPR is going on 34 years strong, and all thanks to YOU. Your support is so important and appreciated. Thank you!

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Updates and Donors' Comments


I truly appreciate the local news coverage for our area.


We love WXPR.


We've enjoyed WXPR's programming all week!


Love listening to Jeff play the blues on Friday!