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WXPR Public Radio

$895.00 contributions
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Raised: $895Remaining: $9105

Thanks for supporting WXPR!
Last year we raised $10,000 during our December Give Big to My Station Campaign. This year we would like to exceed that goal and we'd like you to join us in celebrating local public radio with a pledge of support to WXPR.

Community public radio stations like ours provide unique value to listeners because we serve as a voice for area towns and regions. Through our programming we have connected and built communities throughout the Northwoods and elsewhere.


Since 1983, WXPR has been serving the community with quality news, music and information. Your passion for in-depth news, local voices and quality music is the reason you turn to WXPR and we are grateful for your support.

Help WXPR end 2017 on a positive note. Join in our year end campaign and Give Big to Your Station, WXPR.  Thank you!

John L donated $50.00
Elaine S donated $250.00
Patty F donated $100.00
William C donated $50.00
by Anonymous donated $120.00
Petra P donated $200.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


I love WXPR, especially Midday Classics, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered


Putting my money where my mouth is (literally, every Friday afternoon).


I support WXPR because I believe in the power of community radio and in supporting local and independent music, culture, and issues.