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An Important Message from Tom Bergeron

“I started at WHAV in 1972 and, look, WHAV is still here, but it won’t be if you don’t help support it…become a contributor. Keep us going.”

97.9 WHAV FM Is the Only Haverhill-Based News Source

Today’s WHAV is non-profit and dependent on listener support to continue.

Original local news coverage and major stories reported first have already made WHAV the primary daily local news source for thousands in Haverhill and all surrounding communities. Perhaps you pay $250 to $350 a year for half as much local news from out-of-town sources. If so, consider giving at least this much to WHAV.

WHAV’s local news is timely, relevant and available on-air, online and across all major social media platforms.

Come for the News and Stay for the Music

Besides local news, weather, Community Spotlight and talk, 97.9 WHAV FM plays all of your favorite hits from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. There are also popular features such as Dave Mack’s Rock and Roll Oldies Party, Mass Moments, Melinda’s Garden Moment, SoundBeat, Insight Daily and more.
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