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Riverwest Radio on WXRW-LP 104.1 Milwaukee

$324.00 contributions
12 donors

Raised: $324Remaining: $1176

Riverwest Radio is Milwaukee's community talk radio station broadcasting from their storefront studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The station took to the airwaves as WXRW-LP 104.1 fm on January 1, 2016 and continued streaming on 

A diverse group of over a hundred volunteer hosts discuss culture, entertainment, sports, social & political issues, along with live music and experimental radio productions.

The signal covers about a five-mile radius around the studio and the is currently fundraising to upgrade its equipment and relocate the antenna to bring even more listeners into the conversations.
Elizabeth V donated $52.05
Jerry P donated $25.00
by Anonymous donated $5.04
Mary Ann B donated $20.00
Alberta D donated $20.82
Daniel B donated $10.41

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What a strange sweet storefront sight, what unusual sounds and tales--may RWR 104.1 prevail!!


Sweet Diversity's Most Dedicated Fan


Keep it up Polar Bear. From the Ginger in Vietnam


“Alexa, play Riverwest Radio”