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Help Radio Boise turn 5 years on the air into 10! As we reach the finish line of our fifth year on-air, Radio Boise is undertaking some pretty huge projects to support and build community in Boise and the Treasure Valley, including:

Youth Radio and Media Literacy
Radio Boise is an all-ages platform for expression and, in honor of that vision, we have begun a collaborative partnership with Boise High’s Video and Community Leadership classes in the fall of 2016. The goal of this program is to provide a robust and challenging curriculum that will give students hands-on production experience and develop critical-thinking skills through media production, consumption, and storytelling.


Resource for Treasure Valley Causes and Nonprofit Organizations
Radio Boise seeks to provide a platform for organizations to spread their messages of good work being done by and for our community. To date, Radio Boise has interviewed over 70 local organizations and promoted over 50 through PSA’s and is consistently partnering with more to keep sharing worthy causes.


In-Studio Guests and Performances
Radio Boise is honoring our social contract to support local artists, musicians, and writers by developing our capacity to feature local artists over the airwaves. Thanks to a grant from the City of Boise’s Arts and History Department, Radio Boise is undergoing dedicated expansion of our live in-studio production work in order to give artists unparalleled exposure to their current and desired local audiences.


Issues-Based Storytelling
Radio Boise has begun quarterly podcast training and production opportunities to community members, free of charge. Over the course of two days, participants create 4-minute audio pieces based on a single theme, which are then available for on-demand listening through the Radio Boise website as well as on the air. We are excited to give community members tools and training to tell and share the stories of their community.


Your year-end donation will help Radio Boise to continue deepening our engagement with the Treasure Valley community and developing our capacity to be a relevant and reliable community resource.

Thank you for supporting community radio and independent media!

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