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WEAA - Morgan State University

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WEAA 88.9 is the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region's leading provider of jazz, news and public affairs programing. As an NPR affiliate station, WEAA 88.9 operates free from commercial influence and is a member-supported, professionally-staffed broadcast service of Morgan State University. As the second-largest African American led station in the country and the #1 African American led producer of original content nationwide, almost all of WEAA 88.9's programming is original and produced in-house. The station's 24-hour format includes a diversity of music programs, ranging from jazz to blues to gospel to reggae to salsa to hip-hop, and public affairs talk programming, like the Marc Steiner Show and First Edition, which include listener comments through the WEAA 88.9 call-in line. 

WEAA 88.9 is home to a team of award-winning news reporters, public affairs hosts, and music hosts, and is Baltimore's source for in-depth coverage of local, national and international events. As part of WEAA 88.9's commitment to the Baltimore region, the station regularly produces content relevant to and reflective of the Baltimore community. WEAA 88.9 is the only public radio station in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region where diverse perspectives are regularly represented in public dialogue on a range of topics, and the station has become an important community meeting place to have difficult conversations, including those around race, violence and inequality.

WEAA 88.9 plays an active role in Morgan State University's School for Global Journalism and Communication, supporting young journalists- and reporters-in-training through internships and other training opportunities.

When you join the WEAA Family, you join with tens of thousands of supporters who ensure that great radio remains accessible to everyone in our region and all around the world through

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Salute to my cousin a Morgan alum, Carolyn Samuels.