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KMNO - Mana'o Radio

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Mana'o Radio is Maui, Hawaii's:

-Local community radio since 2002
-100% listener-supported
-Non-commercial and eclectic music
-100% volunteer staffed and managed
-Internet streaming worldwide
-Modern 1200-watt FM radio signal

As a 100% listener-supported station, Mana'o Radio relies on the generosity and support of community-minded businesses and listeners to operate.

Mana'o Radio is a cultural treasure trove, Our music is totally eclectic. Our volunteers are passionate and impart a great depth of knowledge about the music they play.

Our mission is to inform, educate, and entertain the Maui and increasingly global community with broadcasts of multi-cultural music and other programming, such as:

-Accurate and timely reports on the news of the day, both local and worldwide

-Locally produced educational vignettes about Hawaiian history and culture

-Showcasing local musicians, singers, songwriters, authors, and various other artists.

-Exposing listeners to a broad range of music, typically not heard on commercial radio stations.

Live streaming at Also available on the TuneIn app on Android and IOS--search for our call letters KMNO.

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