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KSVR - Skagit Valley Community Radio

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KSVR is committed to providing local voices and content, with entertainment, news, and information, for the Skagit Valley College Educational District #4, in both English and Spanish.

The facilities and basic operations of FM radio stations KSVR, KSVU, and KSJU, are supported by Skagit Valley College. This year, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will provide a federal grant about 40% of the budget for KSVR-FM, with another 10% donated by local businesses, organizations and listeners, or earned at fundraising events. For KSVU, local business and listeners provide about 50 percent of the cost of operations. KSJU is a small station, and is supported entirely by SVC and KSVR-FM.

The Associated Students of Skagit Valley College provides over $35000 per year to support the labor and fixed costs for the radio services. The students in the Radio Club are volunteers and employees, and provide the most labor in operating the radio services.

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