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KSKQ Community Radio

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Raised: $1872Remaining: $3128

It took us eleven years of volunteer power and listener support to bring alternative community radio to Southern Oregon.  Today we produce community radio that empowers the residents of the Rogue Valley, builds sustainable and resilient communities through the exchange of ideas, and celebrates cultural diversity.

We serve our community by providing:

  • locally produced radio programs;
  • local news and events;
  • access and programming for our Latino and Native American neighbors;
  • encouragement, training and support for local social justice groups to make their own radio shows;
  • time for local musicians, story tellers and other creative voices;
  • nationally syndicated shows.    

Our new translator 94.1 FM is up and running. You can help us let the world know.  Support our outreach campaign now.

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Thank you, KSKQ!


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Join me and support community radio in the Rogue Valley


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