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KSKQ Community Radio

$826.00 contributions
20 donors

Raised: $826Remaining: $4174

KSKQ's mission is to produce community radio that empowers the residents of the Rogue Valley, builds sustainable and resilient communities through the exchange of ideas and celebrates cultural diversity. To do so, we need the support of the community.

The Give Big To My Station campaign is one of the means we use to reach out and put the station on a solid financial footing. Your year-end support will help us maintain the translator in Medford, bring more local news to the airwaves and expand out live broadcasts from community events in the Rogue Valley.

If you like independent news, great music and your neighbors on the air, support KSKQ now.
J C donated $25.00
Lara E donated $40.00
Brigid D donated $25.00
Anthony D donated $50.00
Jeanne C donated $100.00
Karine G donated $50.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


KSKQ community radio is a great local treasure


morning shows/social justice/homeless issues


Thank you for all you do. G Val is still listening!


KSKQ is so refreshing. Music and thought that is new to me.