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KPTZ - Radio Port Townsend

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Our desire at KPTZ is to be the voice of Port Townsend that serves the Northeast Olympic Peninsula. We are listener-supported and volunteer-programmed, community radio.

OUR VALUES SUPPORT OUR VISION and underscore our belief that we can and should serve a much greater good. Our core values serve as guiding principles that seek to promote positive outcomes in our community. We value an environment and services that are: Local-Eclectic-Authentic-Sustainable-Inclusive-Collaborative-Fair and balanced-Professional-Consistent-Relevant and Fun. 


Eclectic Musical Variety reaches a wide audience. The avid and growing listenership to KPTZ is a response to a changing radio environment in which stations play only “popular” music by “established” artists. KPTZ devotes itself to music that interests a range of listeners. With creative passion our DJs spin music that represents the world, from Beethoven to the Beatles, to all corners of the globe.

Interests, issues and concerns are given a listening post. Our desire is to reflect the interests and curiosity of the folks who live, work and play here by giving airtime to artistic, educational and informational programming.

Thank you for supporting your local community radio station.

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