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KPOV, High Desert Community Radio

$1,705.00 contributions
22 donors

Raised: $1705Remaining: $295

Thank you for your decision to support KPOV. You are the reason KPOV exists!

If you are a KPOV listener, you know about our great mix of local information, national and global news from alternative perspectives, and eclectic music hand-picked by dedicated and knowledgeable local DJs.

Listen to us on 88.9 FM in Central Oregon or

KPOV is Radio by the People and for the People of Central Oregon.  We take very seriously KPOV's duty to put service to our community above all else.  

That means engaging local people in creating high-quality media for our community.

It means bringing the unheard voices and untold stories of our community alive.

It means offering a platform for nonprofits to get the word out in deep on-air conversations.

It means providing thorough and thoughtful local election coverage.

It means great music from local DJs who know and love the music they play.

In an atmosphere of uncertainty and maintstream media failures, there has never been a more important time for local media brought to you by people with deep roots in the community; by citizen journalists who care about providing accurate and valuable information; by the people and for the people.

Community media is the media of the future.
Support the future now by making a gift to KPOV!

Gloria M donated $15.00
Bruce E donated $50.00
Michael C donated $100.00
Ingrid L donated $25.00
Bonnie L donated $50.00
Allyn D donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Don't take independent radio for granted!


Keep up the good shows! Always fun to hear KPOV programs...


Thanks to all the KPOV team for such great programming!


I really enjoy several of your programs because 1) you feature music and not just talk, and 2) a lot of different kinds of music! Increasing