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KPFT - Pacifica / Houston

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Since 1970, the radio station has provided a forum for the arts, music, culture, ideas and more. KPFT broadcasts a fascinating mix of music, talk and news 24 hours a day on two channels — FM and HD3/online. Volunteers host, report, DJ and produce virtually all of the programming you hear on KPFT.

KPFT serves the Greater Houston and Galveston population of nearly six million people, reaching almost 150,000 listeners every week and bringing to the airwaves an eclectic schedule of music, news, languages and information programming. In our 40+ year history, we’ve grown along with Houston, helping to foster cooperation among the various peoples of the community and becoming a unifying force in a city of great economic and cultural contrasts.
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Please Join me in supporting grass-roots, people-powered, true community radio... KPFT is a vital component of rootsy culture, alternative a