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KALW - San Francisco Unified School District

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KALW is a pioneering broadcaster that has grown into one of the most productive and innovative stations in community radio. KALW went on the air in 1941 as the first FM station West of the Mississippi.  In the 1970s KALW was one of NPR's first affiliates and the West Coast station of record for the BBC World Service.
In the 21st century, KALW has become a hothouse of original program production,launching the award-winning local newsmagazine Crosscurrentsthe design podcast 99% Invisible, and the Spanish-language narrative journalism program Radio Ambulante.  It is the home of more than a dozen locally-produced music and arts programs, as well as shows driven by community participation, including Your CallPhilosophy Talk, and the collaborative reporting project Hey Area

After 75 years, KALW is focused on creating the next generation of public media, developing new talents through its Audio Academy, and reaching out to the diverse communities of the Bay Area through public events and live broadcasts.
Be part of the future of KALW.  Give today.

CYNTHIA C donated $50.00
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Updates and Donors' Comments


I love KALW. And the school lunch menus are lagniappe!


Enjoy Tangents ; Hope that Morning Edition does NOT announce over the 30-past-hour funny story. This renews our membership.


Not enough for membership, unfortunately, but no less than I give to KQED.


I am totally supporting my local public radio!